About us

Unique Med Spa is an urban spa interface. We are here to answer the needs of people concerned with their skin looks and health


Revivification is not achieved through vacation at a beautiful place, the revivification is essential to health, thus keeping your skin healthy, shiny and natural is one of your most important goals. We take care of your skin with the highest treatment.


We use natural compounds especially in facial services. We use advanced and modern equipments to keep you and the integrity of your skin safe. Our results are impressive and beyond expectation. Your safty and sitisfaction is a must for us.

Our Services

Natural services

We only use natural treatments, away from harmful chemical compounds to get the best results.

Skin freshness

We believe that the health of your skin is a priority, so let us take care of your skin. We are committed to achieve the best results.

Modern Technology

The world is constantly developing and progressing in all areas, including the Spa world, so we keep up with the latest developments to get best results.

The Spa world requires experience, high skills and accuracy. The quality of our work shows our commitment to excellence.

Our long and lasting experience in the field of Spa allows us to achieve the best results with good competitive prices. Our goal is to maintain our excellent reputation and our brand name. We take pride in our business quality, accuracy and good competitive prices.



Our facility is available to serve clients in Vaughan and Mississauga; Visit the nearest location to you and try our unique and affordable services today.


We are happy to offer our services, our success stories for the past years are our pride. Visit us today and try one or more of our amazing service offers.